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Andrew Bowers (Manager)
T: 0410 657 034
E: mhc900@asbii.com.au
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MHC900 The Solution!
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  • Competitive rates.
  • Guaranteed correct alignment, system setup and adjustment limits.
  • Operator and Maintenance staff training provided as standard.
  • Performance warranty.

Have you condidered installing the belt cleaner yourself?

Detailed manuals are available to assist.

machine manuals


Engineering manager explains the cost benefits since installing...

Courtesy: Viridian New World Glass (CSR)

Request Install Estimate
Complete the following checklist and details to recieve an installation cost estimate. You will be contacted if more information is needed.
Site Conditions
Will the installers be required to hold a union membership? yes no
Will the installers undergo a site induction? yes no
How many brush cleaners will you be purchasing, or, enter a Conveyor Belt Cleaner Quote No.?
What is the average height above ground level where each unit is to be installed? (m)
Is 415V power available for commissioning at all install locations? yes
Is 600kPa clean & dry compressed air available for commissioning at all install locations? yes
If you decide to include Add-on Components with your belt cleaner, will you require on site assistance with PLC or SCADA integration? yes
Will the installers have access to a forklift? yes
Customer to provide
Electrical materials and resources. yes
Safe vehicle access to and from each install location. yes
Site ammenities and abolitions. yes
Site location(s)
List the site locations including the postcode:
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Who are you?
Your name, position and preferred contact details:
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1) specify conditions,
2) choose options,
3) review quote.

brush technology

Brush specifications and pricing options.

automation options

Power, Pressure & Distance; PLC/SCADA connectable devices.